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Red Camera Rental Sales
A Red Camera Rental Hire is highly customizable digital camera that’s capable of creating beautiful images in 4K to 8K resolutions. It is intended for professional and semi-professional cinematography.
Get access to high-quality Red cameras for rental from our experienced team. We offer the perfect equipment for all your filmmaking needs. 
There is a lot to discover at Red Camera Rental Hire. When you rent a camera, you can check it thoroughly before paying a dime. So this is an easy option for people. If you have a low-end camera, you may be able to rent some exciting equipment to satisfy your photographic soul.

Types of Red Camera:
A RED camera comprises the following parts:
  • Brain: DSMC or DSMC2
  • Lens mount: Canon mount, Nikon mount, Leica-M mount, PL mount, or RED Sidewinder.
  • Accessory. package:DSMC2 Base Package, DCMS2 Handheld Package, DSMC2 Drone/Gimbal Package, or DSMC2 Cinema Package.   

We supply the most up-to-date equipment and accessories to suit the style and scale of each production. From big brands to unique accessories, lenses, lighting and much more, Photo Hire has it all – we’ll equip you with all the bells and whistles.

Our entire team is professional and competent, able to tackle any task with confident speed and skill. If you have any questions, visit our website, contact us or come to us. Our friendly staff are there to fulfill all your wishes.